Personal meaning, happiness, and fulfilment in life and work can be hard to find.

Do you struggle to find motivation, energy, and consistency?

Are you feeling stuck? Do you find it difficult to make changes last?

Shouldn't we be able to find meaning in everything we do, so we can feel energised and inspired?

I'm Ciaran

Ciaran’s work is powerful and life-changing. We’ve worked together for the guts of a year now. He provides such a safe and calm space, asks questions that you’d never think of, and guides in ways that you never knew existed. 


Come & Have A Chat

1. Book A Session, Workshop, Or Course.

2. Open Up To New Insights.

3. Understand Yourself Better.

4. Align With What's Important To You.

New Beginnings

A 2-hour private introductory conversation (online or in person) where you can experience how coaching can help you overcome blocks, and find more meaning, energy and inspiration. This first  session is free with donations available to Pieta House. 


Begin With Support

These 2-hour group coaching sessions focus on widening your perspectives so you can find a way forward in your life & work. These are private and confidential sessions facilitated by Ciaran with just 6 memberships available.


These 2.5-hour business mastermind sessions focus on developing your thinking so you can make your business better for all involved. These are private and confidential sessions facilitated by Ciaran with just 6 memberships available. 


Start Living Your Meaning

✓ Get The Insights That Make A Difference. 

✓ See The Things You Couldn't See Before. 

✓ Understand What Really Drives You. 

✓ Recognise What Makes You Unique.

✓ Become Aligned With Your Values & Meaning.

✓ Find Inspiration, Energy & Momentum To Enjoy Life More.

Life Is Much Too Short

Don't drift any further through life thinking things will get better. Don't keep settling for less without realising your true potential. Nobody needs to continue to feel stuck and powerless, while struggling on without support. 

Change Your View

Start the transformation from being stuck, passive, and unfulfilled to being so inspired and energised that you can't help but do things with interest, curiosity, and positivity.

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About Me

I'm a creative thinker, coach and facilitator. I have a background in business, fine art, language teaching, and training. Now I'm able to pull all of these strands together to dig deep and serve you powerfully. 


What To Expect

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Sharing The Journey

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